IDS Chosen to Install Roller Shutter Doors for a National Bakery

20th June 2012

After a successful installation we are pleased to announce Industrial Doors Systems Ltd have been chosen to install our new fast action insulated roller shutter door range at a further two depots of a major national bakery company.

IDS understand the importance of workflow and productivity and have outlined the great advantage of the high speed technology that can be adjusted for demanding traffic conditions. On site adjustments can be made depending on the flow of fork lift trucks and traffic.

IDS fast action roller shutter doors are designed to premium quality and complement any new or existing industrial or commercial development were productivity is essential.

Our doors are designed where speed and security are paramount; all doors are installed complete with all relevant safety equipment and variation of controls to suit many forms of activations.

Loop detectors, motion detectors, hand held and fork truck mounted transmitters are available.

All our doors are available in a full range of Ral colours and provide excellent insulation to cut down energy waste.